Brown Ndebele Umuzi Collection


Custom made in South Africa.

To the Ndebele People,
Inspiration from uMuzi wall paintings.

Out of increasingly harsh application of apartheid legislation, the women from kwa Ndebele expressed everything through art.

Joyful art and surely by any standards extraordinary. The art do not portray realistically the hardship of Ndebele life, but they do show the orderliness of living and artistic tradition that have endured despite the insecurity.

Our beaded straps tells the tales of Kwa Ndebele.

Unyazi is a Zulu word that means lightning. An African storytelling watch beaded straps it is a handmade product that takes a full day to design and make. We use Czech Glass seed beads for the strap and detailed timepiece dial with brown beads inside the dial.
Czech Glass Beads: 1326

Size: 22mm

Movement: Miyota

Casing Stainless Steel powder coated gloss black

Dial: Brass High Shine powder coated with gold.

Battery: Renata

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