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Unyazi Designs

Hut - Umuzi

Hut - Umuzi

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Inspired by the Maasai Culture

The design inspired by the nonconformist Maasai tribe and classical artisanal mastery timeless for longevity. The beaded straps are from a warrior in the Maasai clan which is of great importance as a source of pride in the the Maasai culture. Where a young boy would hunt a lion to prove he is a man, now they protect the lions from the poaching.   

Africa our beautiful home. 

Limited Edition

Yellow - Sun 

Royal Blue - Love & Loyalty

Red - Bravery  

Diameter: 43mm
Strap Size: 22mm
Beads used: 1325
Glass: Sapphire crystal glass
Casing stainless steel powder coated gloss black
Dial: Brass High Shine powder coated with gold
Battery: Renata
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